Report on Banking Sector_Jul’24: Balanced Banking – Structural surge amidst a countercyclical purge

The Report on the Indian Banking Sector takes a deeper look into the burgeoning credit growth being witnessed. It ponders on whether a pickup will happen in Industry credit, negating the factors which have kept it moderate for years. Further, it deliberates on the growth momentum of Personal and Services in light of counter cyclical curbs. Weighing in on these segments, it arrives at a credit growth prediction for FY25, and concludes that structural factors will ensure deposits are unlikely to keep pace. Exploring innovative methods such as borrowing used by banks to manage high C/D ratio, it concludes the same may continue. Expressing comfort on capitalisation, it offers a view of capital raising as well. Finally, it comments on the profits and profitability of banks, elucidating nuances differentiating PSBs and PVBs.

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