Corporate Social Responsibility

Committed To The Greater Good

As a leading investment bank and a responsible corporate citizen, we are committed to using our resources for the maximum good of our country and its people.

We believe that businesses derive their benefits from operating in a society, and business success is intertwined with the welfare of society. Moreover, as a corporate citizen with resources at our command,we are passionate about deploying them to make a deep and sustainable impact.

Since inception, SBICAPS has established a clear tradition of giving back, actively pursuing and endorsing community improvement efforts across India. We also encourage employees to actively follow, understand, and contribute to social causes, thus making societal engagement an integral part of our work culture. We have a committed CSR policy in place, and it is our endeavour to reach out to various support groups that might require our time, finances, or mobilisation strength. We support a range of initiatives across India, from causes of national scale to local grassroots projects to improve lives.

In just over the past five financial years, the Company has implemented and supported more than 50 big and small CSR projects through its various partners, allocating a substantial portion of its bottom-line to these efforts. The projects cover varied initiatives in healthcare, education, sanitation, disaster relief, child development, vocational training, and women empowerment, and even extend to niche areas like the preservation of art and culture. They are spread across the length and breadth of the country, even in rural hinterlands and tribal hamlets, impacting the lives of diverse beneficiaries like special children, women, rural communities, and the under-privileged urban poor. With the tangible impact these projects are generating on ground, the Company expects them to set new benchmarks in addressing social lacunae and community development goals.

The learning from such programmes is continuously harnessed to undertake more varied and high-impact efforts that cater to the ever-changing social landscape of the country, and to support global sustainable development goals, the Government of India’s vision, and the nation’s development.

At SBICAPS ‘We Support because We Care’.

Mobility aids distribution drive- Bengaluru
Setting up STEM labs at schools in Mumbai and Chennai
Donation of Mobile Medical Unit for rural healthcare
SBICAPS supported a home for underprivileged girls
Supporting the treatment of underprivileged juvenile diabetics
Mobility aids distribution drive in Bengaluru
Setting up geriatric unit in Pune
Rural afforestation initiative in Solapur
Refurbishment and setting up of a vocational training center at David Sasson Home for Children, Mumbai
Glimpses from various schools and education projects supported by SBICAPS during the year
Mobility aids distribution drive in Ahmedabad
Urban afforestation project in Deonar, Mumbai
SBICAPS staff volunteers for an urban afforestation initiative
Bus donation for underprivileged and specially abled children
SBICAPS team with staff and beneficiaries of CSR initiatives at Hirabai Cowasji Jehangir Medical Research Institute


  • COVID-19 Relief Support

    COVID-19 Relief Support

    COVID-19 has been an unprecedented calamity; its impact has gone beyond healthcare, creating deep distress among the vulnerable sections of society. SBICAPS has responded wholeheartedly to the crisis, organizing massive food and ration distribution programmes for people from low-income communities across the country.

  • Augmenting Healthcare Infrastructure

    Augmenting Healthcare Infrastructure

    SBICAPS is committed to making healthcare more accessible for our people, and in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, such access is more essential than ever before. We have supported a slew of healthcare projects in recent times – donating medical equipment and helping refurbish primary healthcare centers, to empower frontline workers and serve needy citizens.