Listed below are some of the most commonly asked questions about SBICAP. These are just FAQs and not a comprehensive list. For more information you may contact us directly.

1. What is the shareholding pattern of SBICAP?

State Bank of India (SBI) holds 100% shareholding in SBICAP.

2. What is the relationship between SBI and SBICAP?

SBICAP is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SBI.

3. Is SBICAP associated with any international agencies?


4. What is the range of services offered by SBICAP?

SBICAP renders an array of Financial Advisory Services, Merchant Banking, Government Advisory Services, Private Placements, and Public Issuances of debt, and Equity Capital Markets.

5. Does SBICAP have a broking network?

SBICAP carries out the equity broking activities through SBICAP Securities Ltd (its wholly owned subsidiary company.)

6. Does SBICAP concentrate on clients from the public sector?

SBICAP has the privilege of having prestigious government undertakings as well as private sector corporates on its client list. We have strong business relations with various government bodies, PSUs and at the same time, we have also private sector corporates as our clients.

7. What is the role of SBICAP’s corporate and regional offices?

SBICAP’s corporate and regional offices offer the entire bouquet of investment banking and corporate advisory services. These offices are located strategically at major business hubs in the country and liason closely with clients there and at nearby centres.

8. What is the staff profile of SBICAP?

The staff profile constitutes experienced professionals, fresh talent hired from premium B schools, and CAs.

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