Renewable Energy

SBICAP offers comprehensive investment banking services for fundraising in the renewable energy sector. Harnessing our relationships with various financial institutions, corporate houses, and government bodies, we have concluded numerous transactions for wind and solar energy projects, including arranging specialised lines of credit.

Powering Sustainable Development Through Green Energy

Under the Paris Agreement commitments, the  Government of India (GoI) has set an ambitious target of achieving 175 GW of Renewable Energy (RE) capacity by 2022. These include 100 GW of solar power capacity and 60 GW of wind power capacity. GoI plans to scale the RE capacity to 450 GW by 2030, targeting 40% of total installed capacity against an existing capacity of 25.2%. More than USD 42 billion has been invested in India’s RE sector since 2014 and another USD 500 billion is expected to be required by 2028. As India looks to meet its energy demand on its own, renewable energy will continue to play an important role. 

SBICAP offers the entire gamut of investment banking services – project appraisal, advisory, and debt syndication services in the renewable energy sector. We also arrange concessional loans for RE projects, through specialized lines of credit from bilateral and multilateral agencies.


  • We have concluded transactions of more than INR 10150 crore (up until July 2021) through Debt Syndication and advisory assignments for several solar and wind projects.
  • We have arranged concessional lines of credit aggregating to more than USD 1 billion for solar and wind projects, until July 2021.

SBICAP has the distinction of being the sole advisor to the State Bank of India for evaluating a financing transaction of INR 803 crores for Acme Group:

  • The project was a 160 MW Ground Mounted Solar PV Project implemented through 4 SPVs with 40MW each.
  • The transaction was done through securitization of cashflows of these 4 projects, and credit enhancement in the form of cross-collateralization of cashflows and securities.
  • The transaction was covered by PFI in their News Alert and later they invited SBICAP to write an article on this in their Global Energy Edition which was published in April 2021.

Some of the clients we have worked with

Adani Power Limited

Nayara Energy Limited

SJVN Thermal Private Limited

HPCL Biofuels Limited

Select Transactions

SJVN Thermal Private Limited
Value: INR 8,448 Cr
Debt syndication
HPCL Biofuels Limited
Value: NA
Financial Advisor
SJVN Thermal Private Limited (STPL)
Value: INR 1,000 Cr
Sole Arranger

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