Businesses derive their primary benefits from operating in society and no business can function without caring for societal and community development. We at SBICAPs have always recognised this fact and established a tradition of giving back to society. Since its inception, SBICAPs has been involved with several initiatives, actively pursuing and endorsing community improvement efforts in varying capacities, across India. We have a committed CSR policy in place and it is our endeavour to help reach out to various support groups that might require our time, finances or mobilisation strength. Be it the devastating floods in Uttarakhand, a cause of national scale or a local grassroots initiative to improve lives, we have always followed the dictum of being a ‘responsible and good Corporate Citizen’ with an unwavering focus on supporting social and community needs.

We understand that as a Corporate Citizen with resources at our command, it is our solemn duty to reach out and support the less fortunate and underprivileged sections of our society. The Company also encourages it's staff members to actively follow, understand and contribute to social causes, to remove indisputable social and developmental lacunae and to promote self and community development. This makes our approach to CSR a truly holistic and engaging feature of our overall Company objectives.

At SBICAPs ‘We Support because We Care’ .

SBICAP Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy
COVID-19 Relief projects undertaken in 2020.

Projects amidst second wave of COVID in 2021